Go Green


Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into heat the purpose of heating water using a solar thermal collector. Since centuries, the Sun has been the primary and the cleanest source of energy on earth and we contribute towards making the environment clean by conserving this energy and using it in our water heating plants.


Water being a limited and exhaustible resource, we save water wherever possible. Used water is recycled and is used for watering trees and maintaining the landscaping in our resorts, thereby contributing to our social responsibility. Water filtration and treatment plants help us to use recycled water in multiple purposes.

Water Harvesting

Our latest irrigation methods and water harvesting mechanism help in conserving water and reducing the wastage of water to the most minimum possible levels. Harvested water is used for our organic gardens and maintaining our flora in the premises.


We avoid using electricity driven machines or equipment wherever possible and switch off an appliance or a complete wing which is unused, in order to save electricity. Our Solar electric panels also help in replacing this exhaustible energy source to green and clean energy. Saving electricity is a basic principle which is followed in all our resorts and sailing vessels.
The use of LED lights instead of CFL light bulbs or high consuming light bulbs has allowed us to save almost 40% to 50% electricity.